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Hello February

January has come and gone faster than we could have imaged. This has been the month of refreshing, renewing, and figuring out what is important to you. For us, January was about not who we are but what we want to become. We decided to merge Haven with Robin Gannon Interiors creating Robin Gannon Interiors and Home. We are excited to have all our supportive customers, clients, friends, and family join us for this exciting expansion! So now it's time for us to say thank you... Thank you for the endless support. We could not have made this possible without you. To show our thanks, we would like to continue the expansion sale! We are giving clients and customers 20% off in store with ite

Exciting News!

There is a huge world of furnishings available to Robin as a designer that you don’t ever get exposed to because many of them are “to the trade” only. She wanted to bring many of those things to the public. With Haven, Robin could do just that. She gets to buy things she loves and share it all with you. We are excited to announce because of all our loyal customers and clients, we are expanding! Haven is now becoming part of the Robin Gannon Interiors line as Robin Gannon Interiors and Home. Robin is well known in the area for her tailored, eclectic designs in both her Interior Design business and storefront location. We are excited to expand the Robin Gannon Interiors and Home line of

How to Redecorate after the Holidays

Now that the chaos of the holidays are completely over and decorations are put away, the house begins to feel a little empty. We get so caught up with putting something in every inch of the home while hosting for the holidays. Now, it's time to let the home speak for itself. We want to bring the design back to the basics while adding life into the space with natural elements - like green flowers and wooden elements. This concept creates an overall calming and pure feel which will relax you and your family after the past few busy months. We mixed both green and wood natural elements in the heart of the home Sometimes less is more. We like to keep the counters by the cabinets simple by ju

Starting Fresh

We hope everyone is fully recovered from all the New Year’s champagne and ready for a fresh start. For us, this is the time of year we like to tell our clients "it's time". It's time to do all those projects you've pinned to your Pinterest page, but never got around to! This is the time of year when things are slow and you have an opportunity to focus on your home. Sometimes people put their big visions on hold and say that they will get to them later. Now is later! When you get home from a long, hard day at work (or with the kids) what do you want to look at? How do you want to feel? A home isn't just a place you sleep, but a place that is a reflection of you and your family - filled with a

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