Lucid Liquid is highest grade liquid paraffin, filtered for even greater purity. It burns slow and clean and gives over 200 hours of burn time with Lucid Candles. Its high kindling point makes it safe – it will only burn when vaporized on a wick! It is crystal clear. Spills won’t stain or damage textiles or furnishings – just clean up and wash as usual


  • One-liter bottle provides 200 – 220 hours burn time
  • Sold separately from Lucid Candles
  • Store at room temp. Liquid becomes solid at temps below 40 degrees F, returns to liquid at room temp


Lucid Candle Liquid

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    Candles can be messy - melting wax and soot can be a pain to clean up. With a Lucid Candle, you won't encounter either. The candle itself never melts, and the fiberglass wick won't create soot.


    Lucid Liquid paraffin is quadruple-filtered for purity. It is crystal clear and won't damage fabrics or furniture if spilled - just blot with a paper towel.




    Lucid Candles are the safest natural flame candles on the market. Their twist-lock tops ensure that if they are knocked over, the flame will extinguish and only a small amount of Lucid Liquid will seep out.


    The high kindling point ensures that the liquid itself will only burn when vaporized on a wick. If you drop a lit match into a bowl of Lucid Liquid, the flame will go out!




    A bottle of Lucid Liquid lasts between 200-220 hours! The candle and the wick are permanent, so you won't find yourself having to replace anything else. Plus, Lucid Candles will fit in just about any candle holder you currently have. The Dinner Candles feature a Universal Adapter - a unique, flexible end piece that fits securely into almost any candle holder designed for traditional tapers. Pillar Candles can stand on any flat surface or pillar holder, and have a notch in their base to accommodate spikes.

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