Dreading that long weekend with the monsters-in-law? We've got your back with this godsend of a tin. It contains a bunch of handmade tools, including a stress temple rub to calm you before you even get there, a relaxing bath oil for when you get some much-needed alone time, a forgive & forget pillow spray to end the day in harmony, a set of earplugs for when you can no longer take your father-in-law's snoring through the wall, and a chill pill for when you reach breaking point. We're sure it won't be that bad, though...

Men's Society "Time With The In-Laws" Survival Kit

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  • Established in 2012, Men’s Society is an award winning family run British product design house.


    Our aim is to redefine the idea of mens' gifts. To create products that are culturally relevant with a deep sense of British quality, craftsmanship and wit. From trend-setting natural cosmetics, homewares and gifts.


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