Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours... We like to think of Robin Gannon Interiors as our own little family... each with our own contributions and traits. Meet our RGI family:

Robin - the head of the household. She is the mom who we all learn and grow from. Robin's creativity is untouchable to anyone else. She goes outside the box to create something unique for everyone. We all look up to her and are proud to call her our mom. Robin's favorite part of thanksgiving is the opportunity to be together. In a house of all boys, Robin's day to day can be a little chaotic. She loves having an entire day with all 6 of her boys - her husband, 4 sons, and 1 puppy!

Jackie - the aunt with the best advice. Jackie lifts spirits in this family. She sees the best in any situation and always seems to know what to say. Thanksgiving is Jackie's favorite holiday. Jackie loves how this day is about being surrounded with loved ones and not focusing on gifts. Thanksgiving doesn't have as much pressure as other holidays - it's just about being together with friends and family and cherishing these thankful moments.

Colleen - the orderly older sister. Colleen is the glue to this family. She is well organized and keeps all of our craziness in order. Colleen oversees all projects and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Colleen's favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food. Her Great grandmother is from Greece and creates authentic Greek dishes.

Ashley - the innovative younger sister. Ashley is the newest member of the RGI Family. She brings new, fresh ideas the the table. Ashley is savvy with social media and enjoys engaging with clients via marketing. Her favorite part of thanksgiving is setting the table! Ashley loves to use unconventional, natural elements in her tablescape for a great conversation starter.