Picking the Perfect Tree

It seems as if we all have the idea of choosing a perfect tree. I remember searching as a child for "the one". It had to be tall and chubby. My sister and I often argued over whose was better - the one I picked or the one she picked. Of course, mom and dad always had the final say... but in the long run, it didn't matter WHO picked the perfect tree. As we grow older, we realize the time we spend with family is the most important part of any occasion.

Jackie, her husband, and their 3 little ones recently went on their adventure to choose their "perfect tree". Hot chocolate in hand and scarves keeping them warm, the 5 of them worked together to find the tree perfect for their family

"Mommy, the bigger the better! I want to have to get on a ladder to put the star one" - Chris, 10

"It has to be the perfect shape so all the ornaments glisten" - Sophia, 12

"Let's just get a small tree so it's easy to move..." - Nick, 14