How to Dress the Mantel

It's that time of year... nights are longer, air crisper, and sweaters thicker! There's something about this season that makes even the coldest of days feel cozy. Is it that we are surrounded by chunky blankets or flickering fires? Who knows why we love this season, we just know we do. My favorite area to decorate has always been the mantel. Mantels are a quick and easy way to make your home immediately feel intimate and fit for the season. Follow these four steps and you will have a mantel everyone is talking about!

Add natural elements like branches and garland

Natural elements not only bring the outdoors in, but they create a great organic contrast with all the glamourous elements

Mix metals

Sometimes we get so caught up on matching every little detail, but it's okay to mix and match. Try mixing golds and silvers to create gilded elegance

Mirror to reflect light

Many people think lighting means a physical lamp or sconce. However, mirrors are a great way to reflect light back into the space!


What makes your mantel stand out are the personal touches. Add something that means something to you - like these reindeer that grandma found in a little shop in Vermont.

Tip! EDITING is key! Sometimes it is what you take OFF that makes all the difference!

Photo Credit: Michael J Lee Photography