Getting Ready for the New Years

And just like that it's now time to start planning for the new year! The New Year means new beginnings, new goals, and new challenges. Some of you like to have health based goals, others would rather do personal growth goals. Whatever it is, it's something to work towards and accomplish. Here at Robin Gannon Interiors, we have chosen to share some of our goals with you!

Robin, Designer - "I want to focus on my family. Being “present” when I am actually present! (and not on my computer which is what my kids accuse me of, consistently!). The older I get, the faster time flies, I want to stop and enjoy some of the slower moments in life (or make them happen).”

Jackie, Design Assistant - "I want live in the present over living for perfection. I feel like I'm always cleaning up, doing laundry, and wiping counters when I should be using that time to be present with my children! Especially because they're getting older by the day."

Colleen, Project Manager - "Nick (her boyfriend) and I are looking to buy a house soon, so we want to save enough money to get a house that will feel like home"

Ashley, Design Assistant - "I would love to explore the area! I moved every year or so growing up with my dad in the army, but I never had the chance to live in the northeast. I would love to take advantage of this opportunity and do "northeastern things" like skiing, hike the white mountains, and visiting a local winery."

Please share your resolutions with us! We would love to hear and possibly add it to our own lists :)