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ParTea Ginger Booze Infuser

ParTea Booze Infusers are the brainchild of 28-year-old Boston bartender Sarah Wasser. How did she get the idea? From one of her signature cocktails - gin infused with Earl Grey tea.

“I was straining it out through a coffee filter, watching it drip, and realized it would have been much easier if I had just used a tea bag,” she told WBUR earlier this year.

We're not the only ones who think Sarah had a fantastic idea - this summer, Cambridge-based HubSpot awarded her $100,000 as the winner of their #SummerStartup Competition - out of 15,000 entries!

Party in a jar

What exactly is a ParTea Booze Infuser? It's a handcrafted blend of dried fruits and spices, selected specifically to enhance the flavor of your liquor or spirit.

Why dried fruit and spices over fresh ones? Fresh ingredients will leech water into your alcohol over time, causing it to spoil. (They also absorb the very alcohol you're trying to infuse - who wants that?)

One additional benefit? Each Booze Infuser has less than a gram of sugar per serving - far fewer than traditional cocktails.

How does it work?

It really doesn't get much easier than this!

How to ParTea


Take any ParTea Booze Infuser kit - there are five delicious flavors to choose from! - and add any spirit of 80 proof or higher. Each kit comes with flavor-specific recommendations, and you can have fun experimenting!


The jars and infusers will transform a 750mL bottle.


Wait 24 to 48 hours for the magic to happen. Your concoction will begin to take on flavor within hours. You can always start sipping and leave the infuser in longer. If you forget about the infuser and leave it in longer, don't panic! A longer infusion might change the flavor but it will still be delicious.


Once infused, your liquor has no expiration date. Keep it on your bar cart, in your freezer, or in your liquor cabinet.

ParTea Booze Infuser

Taste the rainbow

There are five flavors to choose from: ginger, jalapeño, mocha, orange spice, and wild berry. Recipe cards are included with each Booze Infuser to give you starting suggestions, but feel free to create your own concoction!


perfect for vodka, whiskey, rum, or your spirit of choice


perfect for tequila, mezcal, vodka, or your spirit of choice


perfect for rum, whiskey, vodka, or your spirit of choice

Orange Spice

perfect for whiskey, brandy, rum, or your spirit of choice

Wild Berry

perfect for gin, vodka, tequila, or your spirit of choice

ParTea Booze Infusers

Perfectly paired

These infusers make an amazing host(ess) gift for holiday parties - and you'll definitely want to try them yourself. Pair one (or more!) with a book from our collection to get the creative spark going!

We carry everything featured here - stop in and get SOME goodies to get your holiday party started!

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