Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

We have the perfect gift for everyone on your list... and maybe a few for you, too! (We won't tell.)

We've created our Holiday Gift Guide to help you stuff everyone's stockings, with sections For Her, For Him, and For The Host(ess)!

Learn why they'll love these presents so much below!

For HeR:

Lafco White Snowdrop Limited Edition Candle

Why they'll love it: This candle is the perfect winter scent, with a bright citrus blend of bergamot, lemon and orange combined with hints of pineapple. A soft floral bouquet of heliotrope and tonka bean bring out nuances of cedarwood, sandalwood, sheer amber, and musk, giving this scent a velvety depth.

Centuri Golden Decal Champagne Glasses

Why they'll love it: Add a burst of beautiful to their bubbly with these Centuri Golden Decal Champagne Glasses (set of 6). These modern champagne flutes feature geometric designs with a luxe gold finish. Also, the variety of designs makes it easy to keep track of your glass at a party... New Year's Eve, anyone?

Beekman 1802 Wondermint Exfoliating Lip Polish

Why they'll love it: Get ready to kiss under the mistletoe (or on New Year's Eve!) with Beekman 1802's Wondermint Exfoliating Lip Polish. The dry air this time of year is tough on lips, and this Lip Polish helps soften the blow. Made with goat milk, it buffs away dry flakes using real sugar crystals (a natural exfoliant!). Shea butter, Vitamin E, grapeseed and rosemary leave lips soft and smooth. The best part? Watermint oil adds a cooling and soothing tingle.

For HIM:

Beekman 1802 Lump of Kohl Triple-Milled Detox Purifying Bar

Why they'll love it: Beekman 1802’s triple-milled Lump of Kohl Detox Purifying Bar is exactly what your skin needs as it heads into winter weather. Made with goat milk (a natural anti-inflammatory) and activated bamboo charcoal, the Lump of Kohl purifies your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. (It also contains frankincense and myrrh, for a bonus blast of antioxidants and an amazing scent!)

Todder Saddle-Stitch Leather Wallet

Why they'll love it: Handmade locally in Newburyport, Massachusetts, the Todder Saddle Stitch Leather Wallet streamlines the pocket to the essentials. All too familiar with the extreme elements coastal towns in New England are exposed to, the craftspeople at Todder understand the value and necessity of durable, high quality products. Made from carefully sourced, 100% USA vegetable-tanned leather, this wallet will look even more handsome with the passage of time.

The Essential Bar Book

Why they'll love it: Jennifer Fiedler’s The Essential Bar Book is full of indispensable information about everything boozy that’s good to drink. This easy-to-navigate A-Z guide covers it all, from the tools of the trade to the history and mythology behind both classic and modern drinks. To provide a little inspiration, it also features 115 recipes for the world’s most important cocktails.

For The Host(ess):

Shannon Martin Buffet Cocktail Napkins

Why they'll love it: Add personality to any party with Shannon Martin’s cocktail napkins. These sturdy triple-ply napkins get guests laughing while balancing their hors d’oeuvres. They’ll also appreciate that these napkins are biodegradable, bleached without chlorine and feature water-based colors. Set includes 20.

Peak Ice Works Sphere Ice Mold

Why they'll love it: They'll raise their glass for the Peak Ice Works Sphere Mold’s amazing ice spheres. They’re slow-melting, which keeps drinks from diluting, and let’s face it – they’re gorgeous in your glass! The tray’s design makes it incredibly easy to create four at a time, making it perfect for parties any time of year.

Farmhouse Pottery Cheese Stone

Why they'll love it: Handmade in Vermont, the Farmhouse Pottery Cheese Stone is quite possibly the most versatile gift you could give to someone (or yourself!). It’s perfect for baking brie, popping a pizza in the oven, or even using cold out of the freezer (chocolate-covered strawberries, anyone?).

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