Light a Cleaner Candle With Lucid

Light a Cleaner Candle With Lucid Candles!

It's no secret that we love candles here at Robin Gannon Interiors & Home. (They certainly came in handy with all the snow and subsequent power outages we had this winter!) With the recent change in season - and several holidays on the horizon that bring family and friends around the table - it's the perfect time to change up your décor and add to your candle collection.

(There is no such thing as "too many candles"!)

That's why we are so excited to share our newest discovery with you: Lucid Candles. These aren't traditional candles - Washington Post lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew called them "the most impressive invention I have seen in a while", and we're inclined to agree with her!

What's all the fuss all about? Read on to learn why we love Lucid Candles so much!

"How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world."

- William Shakespeare


CM Almy, the family-owned company behind Lucid, knows candles - they've been making them in Maine since 1896. A few years back, they had an idea: a candle that doesn't melt as it burns. A cleaner candle, one that never needs to be replaced, and is as beautiful as a traditional candle. And so, Lucid Candles were created.

Lucid Candles are made from a polymer that looks and feels like a traditional candle, but doesn't melt. (You can even throw them in the dishwasher!) Inside the candle is a reservoir for clean-burning, crystal-clear paraffin oil, which is ignited through the fiberglass wick.

See how easy they are to use below:



Candles can be messy - melting wax and soot can be a pain to clean up. With a Lucid Candle, you won't encounter either. The candle itself never melts, and the fiberglass wick won't create soot.

Lucid Liquid paraffin is quadruple-filtered for purity. It is crystal clear and won't damage fabrics or furniture if spilled - just blot with a paper towel.


Lucid Candles are the safest natural flame candles on the market. Their twist-lock tops ensure that if they are knocked over, the flame will extinguish and only a small amount of Lucid Liquid will seep out.

The high kindling point ensures that the liquid itself will only burn when vaporized on a wick. If you drop a lit match into a bowl of Lucid Liquid, the flame will go out!


A bottle of Lucid Liquid lasts between 200-220 hours! The candle and the wick are permanent, so you won't find yourself having to replace anything else. Plus, Lucid Candles will fit in just about any candle holder you currently have. The Dinner Candles feature a Universal Adapter - a unique, flexible end piece that fits securely into almost any candle holder designed for traditional tapers. Pillar Candles can stand on any flat surface or pillar holder, and have a notch in their base to accommodate spikes.

Before you set your table this spring, stop in and check out our collection of Lucid Candles!