Burn Notice: Our Favorite Candles for Fall

fall candles at Robin Gannon Interiors

Despite the wild temperature swings lately, we can confirm that it IS indeed fall! One of our favorite ways to get into the seasonal spirit is have candles going all over the house. And whether you're looking for a scent that will bring the outdoors inside, or something different altogether, we've definitely got you covered.

Read on to learn more about all the amazing brands we carry - you're going to wish this blog was "scratch and sniff"!

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

- Gautama Buddha


LAFCO takes pride in elevating the everyday into something naturally luxurious. While many candles are made entirely from paraffin, a petroleum by-product, LAFCO's wax blend is majority soy, which is naturally derived from vegetables and 100% biodegradable. Not all soy wax blends are created equally; some soy blends contain considerable amounts of paraffin. An easy way to tell is by touching and inspecting the wax – a higher soy-content candle (like LAFCO) is hard and opaque, while a low soy-content candle will be translucent and can feel soft and oily.

Something else you'll love about LAFCO (beside the scents, of course!)? They come in handblown glass vessels that are designed to be reused!

We carry a wide variety of LAFCO candles, including several of their Limited Edition holiday scents and difficult-to-find votive sizes! (You won't find these on LAFCO's website!)

Shop our full LAFCO collection here or scroll through a sampling of our Limited Edition candles below!


Handmade in Chicago, Tatine candles are blended from GMO-free soy wax, essential oils, and botanical perfumes. They have several different fragrance collections - all inspired by different aspects of nature, night, and the world around us; and all perfect for this time of year.

Tatine candles are exceptionally luxurious, right down to the packaging. If you love deep, complex, multilayered fragrances, you'll be sure to find something that speaks to you with Tatine.

Shop our full line of Tatine candles here!

Farmhouse Pottery

The founders of Farmhouse Pottery, James and Zoe Zilian, strongly believe that farmers, craftspeople, and artisans form the backbone of our communities. This belief is the core tenet of their business and drives their push towards sustainability in as a business and a lifestyle.

All of Farmhouse Pottery's candles are hand-poured in Vermont with American-farmed soy wax.

Shop our full line of Farmhouse Pottery candles here!

(Also, our entire collection of Farmhouse Pottery is 20% off during the month of October, which makes it a perfect time to stock up on scents!)

Lucid Candles

Lucid Candles are a different kind of candle - The Washington Post expert Elizabeth Mayhew called them "the most impressive invention I have seen in a while", and we're inclined to agree with her!

CM Almy, the family-owned company behind Lucid, knows candles - they've been making them in Maine since 1896. A few years back, they had an idea: a candle that doesn't melt as it burns. A cleaner candle, one that never needs to be replaced, and is as beautiful as a traditional candle. And so, Lucid candles were created.

Lucid Candles are made from a polymer that looks and feels like a traditional candle, but doesn't melt. (You can even throw them in the dishwasher!) They're clean, safe, and longlasting - a bottle of Lucid Liquid lasts between 200-220 hours! The candle and the wick are permanent, so you won't find yourself having to replace anything else. Plus, Lucid Candles will fit in just about any candle holder you currently have.

See how easy they are to use below, and shop our full collection of Lucid candles here!

Get into full-on fall mode with candles! What's your favorite fall fragrance?