2018 Holiday Gift Guide

It's officially December, and the holidays will be here before we know it - but don't panic! We've created our Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the perfect present for everyone on your list, with sections For Her, For Him, and For The Host(ess)!

Read on!

For Her:

Formulary 55 Spa Indulgence Gift Set

Why she'll love it: This is a spa day in a box! Packaged in a signature Formulary 55 botanical gift box, the set includes one of each of the following: a shea butter bath bar, a shea butter hand and body creme, a sparkling bath tablet, and a botanical candle. Available in Bourbon & Vanilla, Sea Salt & Lavender, and Vintage Peony.

Night Sky Wine Glasses Set

Why she'll love it: What better way to spend an evening than armed with a glass of wine, your best friend, and the stars? This pair of elegant stemless wine glasses shows the northern hemisphere's night sky in summer and in winter, one season on each glass. (Look for a tiny snowman on the winter glass!) Comes in a boxed pair of two unique glasses.

Lotus Jewelry Studio "Vida" Necklace

Why she'll love it: This statement necklace will definitely turn heads. The beautiful gemstone floating in plated gold is surprisingly light, and moves beautifully with you. This is a long necklace (1" centerpiece on a 4" drop), which lends itself wonderfully to the layered look.

Cashmere Ponchos and Wraps

Why she'll love it: What's not to love about cashmere? It's beyond soft and incredibly luxurious. As a material, it's ideal for cold weather clothing, as it keeps you warm without adding bulk. We have a wide variety of cashmere ponchos and wraps in an array of styles and colors, making it easy to find an on-trend gift she'll be thrilled to receive. (Our current favorite: the Alashan "Vail" poncho with fox pompoms - it's absolutely stunning!)

Boulevard Makeup Bags, Pouches, and Train Cases

Why she'll love it: Makeup can be one of the most difficult things to corral. Whether on your dresser or tucked into your bag, these makeup bags and pouches help keep everything right where it needs to be: in one place. For larger collections, we also have train cases. If your accessories are out of control, a jewelry case can solve the problem. The best part? All the bright colors, fun patterns, and cheeky sayings. We can't choose which one we like the best... it's like picking a favorite child!

For Him:

The Chili Lab Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

Why he'll love it: A collaboration with The Chili Lab, this kit includes the spice blends and tools needed to craft two uniquely flavorful hot sauces at home. The Forager's Blend contains guajillo, chipotle and pequin peppers, resulting in a red hot sauce with deep notes of red berries, wood smoke and earth. The Grove Blend contains piri piri, Anaheim and habanero peppers, yielding a yellow hot sauce with bright notes of citrus, green herbs and cut grass.

The Science Of Beer Chemistry Pint Glass Set

Why he'll love it: These pint glasses are for brewers, beer connoisseurs, chemists, science nerds, and anyone who knows there’s more to beer than just ethanol. Celebrate the science of your favorite brew! Each glass in this pair has a different selection of annotated molecules commonly found in various kinds of beer.

The Stirred Cocktail Set

Why he'll love it: This four-piece set contains the essential tools for making stirred cocktails at home. (Sorry, James Bond.) It includes a Bar Spoon, a Julep Strainer, a hand-blown Mixing Glass and the Peak Ice Works Extra Large Ice Cube Tray.

Men's Society Ski Survival Kit

Why he'll love it: This fun gift set covers every eventuality in the mountains. The lip oil contains the moisturizing power of coconut oil to soothe their chapped lips after a fast ride down the slopes. The after-sun contains calming rosemary and sunflower seed oil, because skin takes a pounding from the rays and the elements. Finally, a sunglasses cord (which comes in surprisingly handy) and a hip flask... because, sometimes they need some extra courage.

Boulevard "Perry" Leather Flex Valet

Why he'll love it: When you walk in the door at the end of the day, you need a place to drop all the assorted items in your pocket. This leather valet makes an ideal corral for car keys, coins, your phone, and accessories. It's moldable and foldable, making it ideal for organizing your desk or taking with you when you travel. Pack it flat for the journey and then snap together when you arrive. You'll be amazed at how much more organized your life becomes!

For the host(ess):

Fat Toad Farm Goat's Milk Caramel

Why they'll love it: Fat Toad Farm's velvety goat's milk caramel sauces (cajeta) combine creamy caramel richness with the subtle tang of goat's milk to create an utterly unique, not-too-sweet dessert sauce perfectly paired with ice cream, fruit, and cheeses. Available in Classic, Salted Bourbon, Vermont Maple, and Vanilla Bean.

"Aspen" Rose Gold & Wood Condiment Bowls

Why they'll love it: Functional and elegant, these condiment bowls are the perfect place for nuts and olives. Their metallic rose-gold interior is a lovely contrast to the wood inlay. These bowls look equally beautiful when in use or when they're on the sidebar waiting to be called up.

Urban Agriculture Paperwhite Amaryllis Ceramic Grow Kit

Why they'll love it: Few bulbs are easier to grow or bloom with more exuberance than the amaryllis. No green thumb required! Just follow the simple growing instructions. The blooms are big, often 5"-6" wide, making a grand impression. Each kit comes with a ceramic planter, amaryllis bulb, growing medium, easy-to-follow growing instructions and a guarantee to bloom.

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